2-shaft shredders

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Primary Shredder

Product introduction

Very powerful, 2-shaft Shredders show one of the highest shredding throughputs and the lowest energy consumptions. This design is with respect to operational and maintenance costs very attractive. 
 These reliable and long lifetime machines are suitable for a wide range of applications, including: MSW, bulky, industrial, hazardous, medical, food and electronic waste or tires.


→  Shredding-mixing-pumping (SMP) installations 
→  Refuse derived fuel (RDF) installations 
→  Tire shredding installations 
→  Waste incinerators 
→  Chemical industry 
→  Bioenergy plants

Product advantage

+ Design customized to requested granulometry 
+ Specially designed cutters for optimal shredding 
+ Hydraulic door for the automatic ejection of unshreddable parts 
+ Quick exchange of all wear and spare parts 
+ Quadruple sealing preventing leakages, even  for liquids

Product diagram

2-shaft shredders Series